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Call Us Today!
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we are your local electrician

Do you need to hire a reliable electrician? Empire Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning is the right company for the job. We have a vast array of knowledge journey-man electricians to assist you in every aspect of your electrical needs. We work on the smallest outlet to the largest free-standing panels. No job is to big or to small. We have the expertise to perform the job correctly the first time, affordably, safely, on time and under budget.

Our Residential Services We Offer Include:
  • Appliance circuits - ovens, refrigerators, stovetops, washers, dryers, freezers, disposers, garbage compactors
  • Breakers and fuses, air conditioner, heater
  • Ceiling fan installation/maintenance, remote control and conventional
  • Code corrections, city inspector got you down? Don’t worry.
  • Data/communication lines, computers, phones
  • Dedicated computer and AC circuits, clean power
  • Electric water heaters
  • Exhaust fans, whole house fan, attic fan, bathroom fan
  • Ground fault interrupt Circuits, kitchens, bathrooms and outside
  • High-tech troubleshooting, circuit tracing
  • Hot tubs and spas, jacuzzis, jetted bathtubs
  • Lighting design & maintenance, reading lights, decorative lights, security lights
  • Motors, fan motors, blower motors, garage door openers
  • Remodeling, whole home rewire, sub panels and main panel replacements and upgrades
  • Outlets and circuits, plugs, lights, christmas outlets, switches
  • Security & landscape lighting, wash your walls with light
  • Service panel upgrades, 200 amp to 400 amp, sub panel
  • Single & multi-gamily home wiring, copper rewiring to suit your needs and safety
  • Smoke detectors, hardwired and battery operated
  • Surge protectors, single circuit, and whole house surge protector
  • Track and accent lighting, adjustable and fixed, can lights, down lights
  • Transformers, single voltage and multi-tap, HVAC, doorbell, security
Our Commercial Services We Offer Include:
  • 1 phase – 3 phase
  • 1 phase/3 phase circuits
  • 120 volt through 480 volt
  • Air conditioning upgrades
  • Ballast/lamp replacing
  • Cat 5 cabling
  • Data/communication lines
  • HID lighting and control
  • Isolated computer circuits
  • Lighting design
  • Motor controls/lighting contactors
  • Motors
  • Outdoor/parking lot lighting
  • Panel upgrades
  • Sign repair
  • Specialty receptacles
  • Tenant improvement/remodeling
  • Transformers
  • Troubleshooting
  • Twist-lock receptacles
Electrical Guarantees
Over the years what we have learned about what people want is that people want peace of mind. They want to know that when they choose us as their comfort provider, that we’re going to deliver exactly what it is that we say we’re going to deliver. That there’s no chance that you’re taking a risk, that there’s no chance that you could be making a mistake in choosing us, that there’s no way that you can lose in choosing us to perform these services for you today. Because of this need for peace of mind, we offer rock solid guarantees.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee*
What our 100% satisfaction guarantee says is that if you are not 100% satisfied with what we’ve performed, then we’ll make any modification necessary, any modification required, to gain your 100% satisfaction, up to and including replacing the equipment or refunding your money, all of your money. It’s not just our goal, 100% satisfaction; it’s your right as a consumer. If you’re not satisfied, were not satisfied.
Home Comfort Guarantee*
What our guarantee says is that on a minus 10-degree day, your home will maintain, plus or minus 3 degrees of 70 degrees. That’s right, we put it in writing on the invoice. On a 95 degree day, your home is going to maintain, plus or minus 3 degrees of 75 degrees. We are the only company in town that guarantees that our systems will do exactly what we say.
No Lemon Cooling Guarantee*
If your compressor, the main component is your A/C, fails two times in the first five years, we are not just going to replace that compressor with a new one, something just about every company does, we are going to remove the complete outdoor condensing unit and replace it with a brand new complete unit. No one deserves a lemon.
No Lemon Heating Guarantee*
If the heat exchanger or firebox fails in the first 10 years, we will replace the entire furnace for you at no charge, no shipping, no handling, no warranty and no labor charges whatsoever. This includes code required upgrades. No charge means absolutely no charge. No other company offers this rock solid guarantee.
Property Protection Guarantee*
If anything is accidentally damaged, a professional will repair it. We’re not going to be driving down to the Home Center parking lot and pick up someone to bring to your home. You will have a properly licensed, a properly insured and properly bonded professional perform the repair. Once the repair is done to your satisfaction, then and only then do you have to make your investment in your new Home Comfort System. With a guarantee like this do you think that we will be sloppy or do you think that we’ll treat your property carefully? We're the only ones making this kind of guarantee.
365 Day Test Drive*
We want you to test drive your new Home Comfort System through all four seasons to make sure that it meets and exceeds all of your expectations. You’ll be using your new Home Comfort System through the cold and clammy winter season, you’ll get to drive through the sneezing, sniffling asthma season, spring, you’ll get to cruise through the hot and muggy "I can’t sleep at night" summer season and finally, you're going to be able to triumph through the cold and flu season, fall. After you’ve passed through all of these seasons only then do you have to make a decision. If you're not satisfied with the performance of the system for any reason, give us a call and we will refund 100% of your investment and we’ll give you interest. Why do you think no other company will give you this type of guarantee?
10-10-10 Guarantee*
If we perform the maintenance on your heating and cooling system for the first years then you will have no out pocket repairs costs whatsoever. If anything breaks, we'll fix it or replace it totally at our expense. You may never pay for a repair again. Isn't that peace of mind?
On Time Guarantee*
Calling the Empire family of services, plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical, is easy and on time. If we don't make our appointment time because of us, your minimum service fee is waived. The minimum service call is free. You shouldn't have to be left out in the cold or the searing heat because of your Home Comfort Company. We're always on tIme, guaranteed.
SEER Guarantee*
At the Empire family of services, we are confident in our system design skills, the equipment we offer and the quality of our installations. We guarantee that we will design and install your new air conditioning or heat pump system in accordance with the requirements of the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute’s Standard 210/240. Your system will be designed with a matched coil giving you a certified combination engineered to achieve the manufacturer tested SEER rating. Certified combinations are required for any applicable utility rebates. We will install the equipment, test the air flow and we will charge the refrigerant levels to operate in accordance with the manufacturer's design specifications. This guarantee reflects the unusual commitment to engineering detail, diligence, old-fashioned craftsmanship, workmanship and pride we put into every Home Comfort System we install.

Electrical Surge Protection
Surges are sudden and unexpected spikes in voltage that travel throughout your home or office electrical system. Some surges come from within your own home or office, such as turning on a vacuum cleaner or turning on a hair dryer. Other surges come from the incoming power lines. Many of these come from damages from the system, such as power pole breakages, lines being crossed in high winds, lightning strikes and electric utility switching. Surges can also affect your home and office through cable televisions and telephone wiring.

These surges can destroy expensive electronics. The average home now has more than $20,000 worth of electronics in it that are vulnerable: Televisions, stereos, phone systems, alarm clocks, stoves, ovens, computers, printers, routers, dvd and dvr players and even refrigerators. You should have a whole-house surge protection system to provide financial protection from these surges. The inexpensive power strip-type protectors provide little to no protection. Extend the life of your valuable electronics and safeguard your home from an electrical surge. Give us a call today and receive your free in-home, no-obligation estimate. You and your family deserve to be protected.

Electrical Safety

Be safe is about noticing hazards and eliminating them before someone gets hurt. Keeping your eyes open and aware of the following danger signs is imperative:

  • Blowing fuses
  • Circuit breakers that routinely trip
  • A burning smell whenever an appliance is operating
  • Feeling a tingle or slight electrical shock when touching any electrical appliance
  • Discolored switches or outlets
  • Warm switches
  • Warm electrical cords
  • Flickering lights or uncontrolled dimming
  • Frequent bulb burnout. Light bulb burnout is a sign that the fixture is getting too hot and is unsafe.
  • Sparking when you plug in or unplug an appliance.
  • Outlet that doesn't work. Don’t ignore that non-functioning outlet.
Electrical Outlets are a major source of problems
  • Outlets should be installed close enough together so that you never need to use an extension cord in your home for lights and appliances.
  • Bedroom should be equipped with arc-fault breakers, which help to prevent fires
  • Never cut the grounding leg off a cord to accommodate an ungrounded system
  • Replace all ungrounded outlets and ground them for safety
  • Protect small children from shock by installed plug protectors at each outlet
  • If your hairdryer is tripping the GFCI, then try the dryer in another GFCI. If it trips that one, get a new hair dryer. If it doesn't, give us a call and well come out and find out what the problem is. You could have a bad connection behind the plug or the GFCI portion of the outlet failed.
Extension cords
  • Overloaded extension cords and faulty electric cords are major causes of fires each year resulting in injuries or death
  • Cords are never to be installed under carpeting
  • Extension cords are not to be used on a permanent basis, temporary use only
  • Refrigerators, freezers, and compressors are not to be plugged into an extension cord
  • Electric heaters consume lots of electricity. Do not use an electrical cord
Fuses and Circuit Breakers
  • When circuit breakers trip, there usually is a problem. Fix the problem or call for help. Do not simply reset it.
  • Never bypass a fuse with a piece of copper or a penny. Fuses are safety devices.
  • Never increase the size of fuse to stop a problem. Exceeding the amperage rating of the wire can cause a fire.
  • Circuit breakers and fuses are safety devices. They usually trip or blow out because of too much heat. The heat is normally from a loose or corroded connection.
  • Circuit breakers wear out like anything else, but it normally takes a very long time. They can start malfunctioning due to loose or corroded connections.

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